Mosses in Battersea Park

A talk by Clive Freedman for the Friends of Battersea Park on 25 March 2024.

Displaying the illustrations:

Each page of illustrations shows two photos which can be compared. In many cases, the left-hand photo shows how the moss appears when viewed normally, and the right-hand photo shows how the moss appears when viewed close-up.

Use the Next/Previous buttons to move to another page. On a touch screen you can also swipe left and right. You can also click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the pictures pages to show the list of species which are included.

Some of the species identifications are best-guess rather than confident. This is because some species are so similar that they cannot always be distinguished from photos.

The species pages have links to relevant pages on other websites:

The links to other websites are generated automatically. Some links to other websites do not work, as there are variations in the names of some species and some of the photos have not been posted to Inaturalist.

The photos are © Clive Freedman some rights reserved (CC-BY)

Also, there is a Youtube video of a springtail in moss (seen under a microscope).